Impregnation technology for floor panels

Ein Moodbild für die AquaProtect Technologie

Cost-effective water swell-resistant impregnation technology for floor panels

AquaProtect is a high precision,resource saving impregnation technology that protects for example laminate-core HDF boards from water surface swell by up to 75%, thus increasing dramatically their overall water-resistance. Laminate treated with AquaProtect meets all recognized international laminate water-resistance standards and tests, including NALFA and ISO 4760. AquaProtect is exclusively available via an i4F license and is the company’s latest addition to its highly advanced process technologies for flooring manufacturers.

Nalfa & ISO 4760 Test

The purpose of this document is to evaluate small occasional topical moisture spill resistance properties of a laminate flooring such as e.g. a glass of water falling down and cleaned immediately after. A laminate floor plank/tile is cut into pieces then connected using the profiled locking edges and fastened into an assembled floating “T joint” configuration. The assembled specimen or elements are exposed to surface water, evaluated for surface swell effect, after removing the water as well as after a recovery time period. Evaluation criteria is qualitative, as well as quantitative. The document provides guidance criteria for rating and assessing performance. The method can also be utilized to evaluate joint leakage, when exposed to surface water.

Sprühköpfe in der Profilierungsmaschine während des laufenden Produktionsprozess.


How does the impregnation work?

Impregnation can be applied during the ongoing profiling process. Unlike other impregnation systems, resource saving AquaProtect technology uses a high-precision spray system that applies the hydrophobic impregnation agent exactly where its needed, avoiding unnecessary overspray. AquaProtect seals the joint edges of both V-grooved and non-V-Grooved laminate panels.

With AquaProtect sealing

Wasser auf Laminatboden

No Sealing

aufgequollener Laminatboden aufgrund von einem Wasserschaden

With AquaProtect sealing

No Sealing

The most important information at a glance

The hydrophobing coating agent is not dangerous or flammable (fulfills the Blue Angle criterias)

Improvement of board swell up to 75 % depending on chosen HDF board

Hydrophobing of the bevel incl. joint edge (=upper part of the profile)

Slim construction of application heads - space saving built up in profiling line

100% wetting of the chosen profile segment

Coating agent highly penetrates the HDF board (48h hardening time - also when already packed)

Application amount only 5g/m²

Enables the use of standard HDF board for water resistant products acc. to ISO 4760 / NALFA

Slim construction of the supply unit (can be placed outside the profiling line)

Supports resistance of mechanical joints to water leakage

Coating agent does not evaporate and cross links in the board for ever

4 times application per product side (2double nozzle heads)

No liquid spray in the production surrounding – ensures operational safety

Fits for all locking systems with or without bevel (adjustable with head construction)

Machine and coating agent made in Germany

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