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Verlegesysteme von CLASSEN bieten Schutz vor Wasser

Our offer of installation systems

We always have the right Fold-Down-Installation-System for you. Our portfolio includes the best locking systems to protect against water, as well as installation technologies that turn beginners into professional installers. 


Our Megaloc system is the beginner among the fold-down-installation systems. A floor with Megaloc system guarantees a quick and uncomplicated installation. The system is perfectly suited for everyone and convinces with its simplicity.

A plastic clip locks the floor planks reliably and securely. This ensures a special durability.

Megaloc AquaProtect

Megaloc AquaProtect is an easy-to-install, unique installation system. It prevents water from entering the joints and reduces swelling of the profile edges in favor of the durability of the laminate flooring. An additionally applied edge hydrophobing minimizes swelling of the profile joint.

aufgequollener Laminatboden aufgrund von einem Wasserschaden

Swelling of the edges

A leaking and unprotected profile has the effect that the edges of the plank swell. This not only damages the decor, but also increases the risk of injury in the home.


Not only visible damage can occur in the event of an accident with water. The water seeks its way through the joint and can even cause mold damage on the subfloor.

We have tested the competition!

Nalfa & ISO 4760 Test

The purpose of this document is to evaluate small occasional topical moisture spill resistance properties of a laminate flooring such as e.g. a glass of water falling down and cleaned immediately after. A laminate floor plank/tile is cut into pieces then connected using the profiled locking edges and fastened into an assembled floating “T joint” configuration. The assembled specimen or elements are exposed to surface water, evaluated for surface swell effect, after removing the water as well as after a recovery time period. Evaluation criteria is qualitative, as well as quantitative. The document provides guidance criteria for rating and assessing performance. The method can also be utilized to evaluate joint leakage, when exposed to surface water.

Kopfkanten einfach auseinanderklappen mit Megaloc

Kopfkanten einfach 

Megaloc Next

Megaloc Next is the latest generation among the long-proven Megaloc systems.

It combines the positive properties of the previous Megaloc locking system for laminate flooring in the CLASSEN range in a new system. It is water resistant like the established Megaloc AquaProtect and does not allow liquids to penetrate through the joints of the edge profiles even after 48 hours.

Megaloc XXL

Especially the de-installation of floating prefabricated parquet has been difficult so far. And that is why CLASSEN additionally developed the first Megaloc system for prefabricated parquet: Megaloc XXL. This innovative fold-down system is also installed in minutes and can be taken up again just as quickly.

And likewise, the penetration of water in the joint area is effectively prevented and also protects the valuable precious wood layer.

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